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HR Proactive Inc. has been helping employers in Ontario and throughout Canada create and maintain respectful workplaces since 1997. At HR Proactive Inc., we provide training in the format that best suits your company’s needs. Does your company have a Learning Management System (LMS)? Our Bill 132 – Violence & Harassment Training video can be purchased in an MP4 file format for uploading to your Learning Management System.

This course has been written by subject-matter specialists for employees to participate in training that will help them better recognize, respond to, and protect themselves against all types of workplace violence and harassment. Content also includes #MeToo update!

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Topics covered in our Bill 132 –
Sexual Violence & Harassment Training include:

Definition of Sexual Harassment

  • What is not Sexual Harassment?
  • Welcome vs. Unwelcome Behaviour
  • Clear vs. Unclear Behaviour

Types of Sexual Harassment

  • Quid Pro Quo
  • Poisoned Work Environment
  • Gender/Pregnancy
  • Behaviour based on Sexual Stereotypes
  • Men as victims of Sexual Harassment

Where Do You Draw the Line?

  • Point of View
  • Intent
  • Context

What to do about Sexual Violence & Harassment

  • What to do if you believe you are being Sexually Harassed
  • What to do if you witness an incident
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Reprisal for filing or participating in a Sexual Harassment Complaint
  • Sexual Harassment can lead to violence
  • Tips and Warning Signs
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