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Bill 132- Prevent Sexual Harassment & Violence

Create And Maintain A Respectful Workplace


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With our Prevent Sexual Violence & Harassment video DVD Kit,
you receive:

  • 15-minute video DVD
  • Substantial Leader Guide (Word Format)
  • Reproducible Participant Guide (Word Format)
  • Quiz and Quiz Key
  • Supplemental Guide with Case Studies
  • Professional PowerPoint presentation
  • Well-crafted Sexual Harassment Policies (Word format)
  • Sexual Assault Resource Guide
  • Reproducible Certificate of Completion
  • Scheduling Sheet to Track Your Learners

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This Program Covers:
  • What constitutes sexual violence and harassment under federal/ provincial/ territorial law
  • Forms of sexual harassment and examples of sexual harassment & gender-based harassment
  • How do we determine whether the work environment is hostile
  • How to tell if conduct is unwelcome
  • Responsibilities for preventing sexual violence and harassment
  • The impact of sexual violence and harassment on the individual and organization
  • The extension of the workplace and sexual violence and harassment by third parties
  • What you and employees can do to maintain a respectful workplace
  • How to report incidents, protection from retaliation and what to expect under the company’s anti-sexual harassment policy
  • How to deal with sexual violence and harassment if it occurs
  • #MeToo Movement
  • Bystander Effect-How to Speak up!


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